18 Sep 2015

The seal surfing on the back of a humpback whale that’s making waves on the Internet

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When a pod of whales were in the midst of a feeding frenzy off the coast of Australia when a seal decided to take a ride on the back of one. A photographer in Australia captured the unique moment and the seal, which was presumably taking a lift to get to some fish, is the Internet’s latest celebrity.

The footage of the unique moment was captured by Robyn Malcolm in the south of Eden. Malcolm said that she didn’t even realize the seal was in the image until a day later.

“The only other time was a seal trying to get away from a killer whale … the seal hopped on the back of the pectoral fins of a humpback whale,” she said to the Sydney Morning Herald, adding that Malcolm’s photos depicted a very typical humpback feeding.

However, Malcolm rubbished claims that her picture was photoshopped and said she could prove it since she still had the picture on her camera.

This is not the first time an animal has been caught catching a ride on another animal. In March, amateur photographer Martin Le-May shot a picture that went viral of a weasel clinging on to the back of a woodpecker in east London.

In June, in central Florida a family on holiday spotted a raccoon hitching a ride on the back of an alligator.

An Australian photographer recently snapped this viral pic of a seal riding a whale’s back.

Source: Discovery

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